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Online marketing with a passion for
data analytics and strategy planning.

Hi, I'm Michal,

With 8 years of experience, I developed my career in Tel-Aviv, capital of the startup nation. Today I continue to innovate in Berlin. I've done work for agencies and global enterprises such as NICE and collaborated with talented people to establish and grow the online presence of Tel-Aviv's most innovative startups and Israel's biggest E-com companies.


I believe every company has a story to tell and an audience that wants to hear it. My job is to make sure your story gets to be told properly and reaches the users that wish to listen.

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This is what I can do for you

Digital Strategy

Creating for any company and product a tailored, custom made digital strategy for positioning, launching new products or services and simply increasing your brand awareness.

Organic Growth Optimization

Your organic channel is the most sustainable way to increase user interaction and generate quality leads. Focusing on technical aspects, code improvements, UX and on-page content.

Web Analytics

Creating and implementing measurement plans that will assist you to get the knowledge you're lacking on your website to increase ROI. I specialise in GTM and can create any custom measurement to reveal the data that is crucial to your business plan.

Content Strategy

Managing market and keyword research to get the full understanding of your field. With this knowledge I create a holistic content strategy that will reach out to your audience.

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